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For at the same time Kate was having an affair, Paul had become intellectually and emotionally captivated by one of his long-time patients, Laura, who is most likely an ENFJ.When engaging with Laura, Paul experiences a deep sense of connection and compatibility.

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Tired of over-thinking things, we see Kate expressing her desire to return to her natural Se mode of operating, one that is more straightforward and takes things at “face value.” While not included in the above excerpt, Paul at one point claims that he values Kate because she “keeps him grounded.” One often hears this from N types, who feel their S partners help them more effectively navigate or stay connected to the concrete aspects of life.

It comes from Season 1, Episode 25 (about 12 minutes in), in which Gina is counseling Paul and his wife, Kate, who is most likely an ESFP.

Having gradually grown apart in their marriage, it highlights some salient INFJ-ESFP differences and compatibility issues that may have contributed to their relationship’s unraveling. Also, there was the idea that under everything people say there is this hidden meaning which meant that everything had to be analyzed.

One of my favorite elements of the show is when Paul himself undergoes therapy with his long-time mentor and colleague, Gina.

In this post, we will explore a therapy session which is particularly interesting from a personality perspective.

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