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Moti Zeira, Arnon Friedman, piano, Culture Room, Kibbutz Yifat On May 24, Gebirtig, The heart yearns for a song, musical comedy after songs by Mordechai Gebirtig, by Yehoshua Sobol, directed by Izhak Shauli, musical direction and adaptation by Avi Benjamin, for schools, Cultural Center, Sajur On May 24, 20: 30, Milk and Honey Festival, Thank you, Songs of Uzi Hitman, in honor of 60 anniversary of his birth, with Avi Dor, Aaron Pereira, Ohad Hitman, Eliran Tabori, Haya Samir, Haim Moshe, Hani Nachmias Tal Mussari, the band Sexta, Libby Fenker, Momi Levy, Moshe Datz, Anat Hitman, Shimi Tabori, Tamir Hitman and choirs of the valley, Amphi Nahalal On May 25, 14: 00, The Israeli experience, at the occasion of the closing of events celebrating 100 years of the birth of Lea Goldberg, projection of the film Lea Goldberg in five houses, debate with the participation of Yair Landau, Attornay of law and Guidon Tikotski, Cinematheque, Haifa On May 25, 16: 00, The Israeli Chamber Project, Yael Karet, piano, Daniel Bard, violin, Tibi Zeiger, clarinet, Michal Korman, cello, Sivan Magen, harp, harp and piano sonata by Debussy, Brahms sextet , Beethoven’s trio for clarinet, and a new composition by Zohar Sharon, Ralli Museum, Cesarea On May 25, 18: 00, Milk and Honey Festival, Come bride, Shabbat Kabalat scented with poetry and music.The community In front of the Tabor in collaboration with other Valley communities invite for Shavuot.for the whole family, contact: Tali 050-6848105Nostalgic visit of sites and fascinating stories of the Jezreel Valley and Nahalal, cemetery, water tower, the cache, etc., interspersed with stories of Meir Shalev. il, 04-6408140Fruit Picking at Zak Farm in Sde Yaakov, Sunday – Thursday 15 :00-19: 00, Friday 9 :00-18: 30, Saturdays and holidays closed, Picking from trees and shrubs, jams, liqueurs, olive oil, plants.For details: 04-9832539, 050-5297747, 050-5530862There are many fun activities and ideas including Songs & rhymes, incorporating musical instruments, parachute games, magic show, animal petting activity and more - where your child is in the centre of attention and also enjoying all the fun. - Tisch directed by Zvika Gringlik and his children May 26, 22: 00, Amami Cinema, Neve Sheanan, Room B, Tikkun of the night of Shavuot, Debate with Avivit Fishler, Professor Yossi Ben Artsi and Ofer Meshaan24: 00, Debate with Saharah Blau, Rabbi Efraim Beck and Ruthi Gringlik1: 00, 2 people Study, with Ruthi and Tsvika Gringlik2: 00, Debate with Sara Beck, Saharah Blau and Parliamentary Zeev Elkin - Tisch directed by Zvika Gringlik and children On May 26, 22: 30, Neve Sheanan Religious Cultural Center, Room Menachem, Tikkun of the night of Shavuot The holiday of Shavuot, by Rabbi Haim Naftali Weisblum23: 15, Lecture by Judge Arieh Neeman, The Myth of the exclusion of women's in testimonies, is that true?0: 00, I live in my people, history of the Shunammite, by Assaf Mali,1: 00, Women in Genesis, lecture by Yossi Wilner2: 00, Why women do not perform the mitzvot, Lecture by Ofer Masahn4: 30, Reading of the Megilla of Ruth5: 00, Morning Prayer On May 26, 22: 45, Neve Sheanan Religious Cultural Center , Neve tefillah Room, Tikkun of the night of Shavuot Lecture by Judge Itshal Yakobi Shvili, Bom Halitsa, agunot women, the situation today23: 00, Lecture by Rachel Ararat, Tehila for Agnon, between two worlds00: 15, L ecture by Dr.

Tzipi Oshrat, Oren Hertzman On May 26, 22: 00, Amami Cinema, Neve Sheanan, Room A, Tikkun of the night of Shavuot, Lecture by Gabi Hazut, מעשה דברוריה, a new look23: 00, 2 people Study, with MK Zeev Elkin and Sarah Beck24: 00, Lecture by Professor Nissim Dana, Conversion to Islam, being a Jew, data, introduction1: 00, Study of two people, Avivit Fishler and Gabi Hazut2: 00, Gabi Hazut, Is the majority the engine of the individual?

Nissan Ararat, One that draws the son, the Megilla of Ruth1: 00, The strength of the Torah, oral tradition, by Ron Fechter2: 00, The Facts of mothers, a sign for girls, by Assaf Rones4: 30, Reading the Megilla of Ruth5: 00, Morning Prayer On May 26, 22: 15, Milk and Honey Festival, Tikkun of the night of Shavuot, Course of Professor Yair Zakowicz, Why the Torah was given to us at Mount Sinai, Please bring your Bible, Dining Room, Kibbutz Yifat On May 27, 9: 00, Milk and Honey Festival, Ecological Fair-Happening, entrance of Nahalal On May 27, 9 :30-16: 00, Milk and Honey Festival, Festival of bread, Museum, Kibbutz Ein Dor On May 26 and 27, Milk and Honey Festival, Festival of traditional baskets, farm activities with spices, Farm Ha Tavlinim, Derech Beit Lechem Haglilit On May 26 and 27, 10 :00-16: 00, On May 27, 21: 00, Milk and Honey Festival, One minute before fifty, tribute to the songs of the Gashahim with Avi Dor, Uri Banai, Uri Gottlieb, Boaz Banai, Dori Ben-Zeev, Dror Keren, Hadar Shahaf Aviv, Hani Nahmias, Yirmy Kaplan, Liron Lev, Nikki Goldstein, Irit Anebi, Peter Roth and Shai Aviv, auditorium, Nahalal On May 28, , The Haifa Symphony Orchestra, Classic Series 8, Conductor: Avner Biron, Piano: Vera Hui-pin Hsu, Debussy – Petite Suite, Beethoven – Concerto Piano no. 1 in C Major, Rappoport Auditorium, Haifa On May 28, 20: 30, The Haifa Chamber Music Society, concert No.

47, (Great quartets series, concert 8), the Brentano String Quartet, Busoni, Quartet No.

These photos are exposed in the streets of Haifa, Theatrical guided tours along the path (9 :00-13: 00) details at 106 or at 1-800-30-50-90 free entry, observatory-building Rabin Rabin, University of Haifa On May 1 As part of the symposium on the socio-political satire hosted by the University of Haifa. Maguy Sela and Hebrew songs performed by the Shai Vilozny music group free entry - cocktail, French Institute of Haifa On May 2, 19: 00, Opening Ceremony of the Month of Arab Culture, in the presence of Yona Yahav, Mayor of Haifa, opening of the exhibition Crestfalle, Low Voltage, group exhibit, Art Gallery, Beit Hagefen , Haifa From April 1 to 31, Arab Book Fair, Beit Hagefen, Haifa Mike Scott & the Nashville Band, Maya Isacowitz, The Bodhran Band, Shmemel The Heeby Gee Bees, Gilad Hesseg, Red Meadow, Totem Pole Rik Palieri, Cigani de Lumine, Delmark Goldfarb, Erez Singer, Foreign Angels, Gal Nisman, Gil Bohadana, Ha Kanar Alexey and La Basta Band, Holler, Jenny and Gilad, Jug O’Punch, Julio’s friends, Kvish 90, Larry and Mindy, Marianne Navon and Shaun Deakin, Mikey Pauker, Paul and Marcie Forrest, Maya Johanna Menachem, Omri Vitis, Hagit Rosmarin, Shay Tochner and friends, Sherock, TRi Ad , The love birds, Bracha Ben Avraham, The Quibling Siblings, Natan Galili and the Scavengers, Rhythm Factory, The Epstein Family Singer.

Worshops: folk harp workshop, blues harmonica workshop, banjo workshop, rio abierto, tap dancing workshop, ceilidh dancing, movement for body and soul, irish dance workshop, oriental dance fusion, yoga, tai chi, basket-weaving workshop, kabbalat shabbat, Ginossar on the Lake of Galilee, music festival, workshops and activities, with Assaf Avidan, Sagol 59, Marsh Dondruma, Mercedes, Daniel Spector, Yaarot Menashe, …and a ballet performance Milestones, choreography of Alice Dor Cohen, Menashe Forest close to Meggido An event without borders, with screenings held simultaneously in 80 cities in France and 15 countries worldwide, including Israel.

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