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She urges parents not to use heavy-handed warnings or to ban their children from chatting online."Some messages to female usernames were innocuous, while others were sexually explicit or threatening," Meyer says. "Parents should consider alerting their children to these risks, and advising young people to create gender-free or ambiguous usernames.Harmless messages included "helo" and "care 2 intro? Kids can still exercise plenty of creativity and self-expression without divulging their gender," Cukier says."A lot of kids are very naïve about this and feel it won't happen to them." Though female users are targeted more often, this doesn't mean boys won't be exposed to the same disturbing content, Killen says. And boys could be the ones doing it and thinking it's not harmful," she says.More Information: Assessing the Attack Threat Due to IRC Channels Page for Prof.

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