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And go to the international level, winning the hearts of viewers far outside of their country, Facundo helped participate in the TV series ... Also on the bill with Argentine actor listed several films. In addition to Hodgkin disease, and the accident had to pass the test of Argentine glory.In this novel the main actor got the role, his character's name was Ivo Di Carlo. Facundo Arana has achieved such recognition that he fought for the writers, journalists fought for an interview with him, as if somewhere in the name of the actor turned out, it is guaranteed one hundred percent success of the project.Somehow, Facundo took place on the subway, carrying his saxophone.He was noticed wandering saxophonist named Adrian, and invited the guy to play together.Now, every year in August, the anniversary of the recovery of the actor wears this shirt.After struggling with the disease, maturation and loss of work, Facundo Arana did not know what will happen next, he had no plans for the future, but he gave great pleasure to play the saxophone.While working on this channel yet still aspiring actor had to play in such series as ...Later, in the 1995th year, Aran got a small role in another TV series. Two years later, the actor agreed to take part in the TV series ... But fortunately, the day when the accident occurred, he put on his helmet and that is what saved his life.

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My grandmother liked to call the future celebrity of his grandson Hohito.This act struck a guy, and he understood what it means real friendship.However, it so happened that a year later, his friend died, he died of an aneurysm.He went there at six in the morning and played until ten o'clock at night. He also tried to find work actor, but still lucky he was not smiling.Although, as he thought only Facundo Arana, and actually spotted his producer and writer Lito Espinosa (Lito Espinosa).

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