Fake hair dating

I could not date a balded or shaved headed man who I had to look at bald and shaved on the head. I would be willing to date a man with a good hairpiece and so called "fake" hair.

I am a licensed Cosmotologist, (licensed to do hair) I don't really like "fake" hair meaning non human hair. I would rather date a man who has a human hair, hairpiece on his head than a balded or shaved head man.

I missed my long hair so my girlfriend starting putting extensions in for me. Of course I confide this nussance to my friends...which ironically either African or Latina so they explained to me that they are just ignorant men. I actually got my "fake" hair from pantene beautiful lengths (great organization), it's so pretty and silky.. I just feel the subject comes up sooner or later and I'm rather it be sooner.

I had a HUGE boost of confidence and I felt like the old me... Guys always say they love my hair and I'm like "haha thanks but it's fake"...I get an array of reactions like "why are you part black" to "that's disturbing"... But I honestly think it's because I'm native american and light skin colored and guys tell me that it is "not natural" for me to do this because of my genetic make-up. I don't like it so at the end of this month I'm getting rid of it. I do take the compliment but I also feel compelled the explain it's not mine to avoid the "hair brushing" simple gestures that men do and not have them feel awkward and have that wtf moment. Mainly because I would get compliments on how thick it was.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Same if they found out I'm a closet scrapbooker...they don't like it Ijust move on.....thanks all for your advice I had an injury a few years back, so had to do some weaving myself, until my hair grew back.

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Okay so I went through cancer a few years back and my hair doesn't grow so fast.

If a guy has an issue when you tell him, I would be tempted to ask him if it would be as big a deal if you had "fake" boobs?

*sarcasm*I think it is awesome you are conquering cancer OP, and that you have the confidence to still be you and go forward w/ your life.

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