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Kevin trains elite law enforcement and military personnel in the arts of tracking, survival, escape and evasion, self-defence and covert movements.The surf's up, and Tim is determined to learn how to master a surfboard.Travelling through five continents in a year, the docobites team introduce a stranger a day via a vlog of short and shorter documentaries, each as unique as the stranger it features.This docobite is a story from Maya and Amy about their love for writing free poetry for people on their typewriters. Raised in Dorset, he holds a BA from The University of Nottingham and an MSc from Lund University School of Economics and Management.Previously he has written about politics, economics and technology for various online publications.Dancer Kenzie faces her toughest audition yet at the world's most prestigious ballet competition. Budding rocket scientist Finn finally sees his prototype come to life.

Tim takes on the seemingly impossible athletic phenomenon of parkour, the ninja-like method of moving from one place to another with speed and grace, using only the human body, even when it means literally running up a wall.

Crewmates Justin and Dawn's first job of the day starts with a call to a woman whose waters have broken.

Later on, Justin utilises his Punjabi language skills to help coax an incoherent man off a floor.

Tim's dream to be a secret agent finally comes true with this week's experiment.

His teacher is Kevin Reeve, the founder of On Point Tactical Training School.

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