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In 1665, he summarized the principles in a tract, Pia Desideria or Heart's Desires un­der six headings: ( 1.) Meeting in groups to study the Bible.(2.) Application of the priesthood of all believers.

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D 3 President Olson delivers the keynote message on the Wednesday evening of the recent 88th general conference. There are worthy words in the Chris­tian vocabulary which have been dis­carded.


Epp, left, and Jones In a special chapel service at the Back to the Bible Broadcast, Lincoln, Neb., Melvin A.

An initial shipment of 10,000 vol­umes has been sent to Elm Park Uni­ted Methodist church in Scranton; Pa., which will serve as distributio􀂝􉴠 center for that area.

Church list equal to 50 per cent of mombenhlp - .0 per year. .v BIBLE SOCIETY REPLACES LOST BIBLES NEW YORK (EP)-The American Bible Society is offering Bibles and New Testaments to replace those lost by victims of recent floods.

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