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The archive file h264_as3_contains sample files for creating an H.264 video player and MP4 player in Adobe Flash using Action Script 3.0.

The archive file h264_as2_provides sample Action Script 2.0 files as an alternative to the Action Script 3.0 walkthroughs in the article.MPEG-4 utilizes crisp, powerful H.264 encoding and is an industry standard for video, which includes high-definition (HD) delivery.It is also the standard for HD content online and on devices such as your home television.MPEG-4 (Motion Pictures Expert Group) H.264 is an international standard for video compression recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).H.264 is also known as "MPEG-4 Part 10" or AVC (Advanced Video Coding). First, it means that when you encode your video for H.264, you're not just encoding it for Flash Player; video can be played back using other software like Apple i Tunes or your i Pod, or on Sony Play Station Portable (PSP).

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