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Especially love exploring places off the beaten path places.I consider myself somewhat of a wanderer, wanting to know what's around the next corner, and the excitement that comes with that. Not a big TV watching sports fan, but do enjoy the opportunity to go to a live event. He is currently an Associate Professor in Economics at Rhodes College.He has been involved with race horses at all levels.He lives in Memphis with his wife Diana and daughter Scarlett.Liz brings valuable experience from her extensive racing background to the Ten Strike team.

In several parts of the world, it is still considered a great aspect of rural cultures and is still widely practiced.

Looking for that honest, like-minded man to share life experiences, romance, and laughter. I prefer blue jean occasions over dressy affairs, as I am a tomboy at heart!

, these animals are tracked, followed and sometimes even killed.

It is a union of man and animal in the wide open space between man and nature.

Man is the observer mounted on the back of a horse, the vehicle that allows him to follow the hounds as they hunt across the field.

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