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Posthumous marriage (or necrogamy) is a marriage in which one of the participating members is deceased.

It is legal in France and similar forms are practiced in Sudan and China.

According to Unificationism, only married couples are allowed to enter the highest level of heaven.

Moon’s parents conducted a posthumous marriage ceremony on February 20, 1984.

It is likely that posthumous marriage (un mariage posthume) was made as an extension to France's proxy marriage.

Posthumous spouses usually prefer to keep quiet about posthumously marrying.

Article 171 specifically states that the usual financial aspects of a marriage, such as liquidation of matrimonial regime or the granting of intestate inheritance (meaning the laws governing inheritances of people whose spouses die without a will) do not apply.

The widow can, however, receive a pension and can be entitled to insurance benefits.

No matrimonial property is considered to have existed between the two living spouses.

After a posthumous marriage the living spouse inherently becomes a widow or widower.

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