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Even when her son (Lucas Hedges) pleads with her to take down the billboards because he’s being picked on at school, Mildred brushes off his every concern. With Mc Dormand as the Greek Chorus for the left side of hatred and Rockwell the bumbling bumper sticker for the right side of hatred, it’s unfortunate that Harrelson’s Sheriff is eventually reduced to a character.

He writes a letter to each of them that begins a bridge.

These aren’t characters as much as they are, ahem, billboards.

Frances Mc Dormand plays Mildred, a foul-mouthed mother who is grieving the abduction, rape, and murder of her teenage daughter.

Because this is Harrelson and Mc Dormand, two greats at dark comedy, there are many great scenes between the two characters.

In fact, the most human moment that Mildred has in her entire grumpy, crass, one-note role is in the police station with Willoughby.

These are agreeable messages for anyone who has a heart but only gets there by escalating violence—without nary an arrest on either side—to absurd heights.

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It focuses primarily on two characters where hatred of the other side is the basis of their character. There are a few characters who represent the gray area in between, who offer olive branches that are only received once each of the characters have been humbled.In succession they read, “RAPED WHILE DYING,” “STILL NO ARRESTS,” “WHY, SHERIFF WILLOUGHBY?” They go up on Easter Sunday and Officer Dixon (Sam Rockwell) is the first to see them.filmmaker Martin Mc Donagh, is a catalogue of American hatred.Principally, the two-sided hatred of police for protecting their own instead of facing the hatred that oozes within many police stations throughout the country.

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