Francis boulle and louise thompson dating

Despite seeing her, he doesn't make a move on her until after her gig at The Troubadour.

Encouraged by Fredrik Ferrier to pursue her and believing rival Spencer Matthews unavailable to her, Francis takes a rose over to her table post-performance.

We are invited to believe that a well-schooled, but poorly educated, bunch of loaded twenty-somethings represent the new generation of Sloane Rangers. Heir to the Mc Vitie’s millions, he last hit the headlines after his girlfriend posted pictures of him masturbating online. Francis Boulle dropped out of university to be an ‘entrepreneur’ and uses catchphrases like ‘business is the warfare of the modern age and I am a general’ — though the family diamond mine must help.

Everyone’s lives are interesting in theory — even this lot, perhaps.Francis is first seen at Amber Atherton's launch party for her jewellery range.He asks Amber and Rosie Fortescue if Caggie Dunlop is coming, having his eye on her.Just last week, Spencer Matthews went public with Stephanie Pratt (best known for her time on The Hills, and being related to Speidi) after he invited her to be his date to the Grand Prix ball.Well, now it looks like the couple are taking it one step further, at last night's gala of A Curious Night At The Theatre, she met his friends. We're not talking any friends, we're talking Spencer's Made in Chelsea co-stars Francis Boulle and Jamie Laing.

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