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By doing this they really show their observance and love for their child as well.

Here we present some beautiful and cute names for chunky babies: For Chunky babies there are lots of names that parents find funny and adorable for their kids and show their love by these names.

Now show your love to your kids with such beautiful and cute names suggested by us.

It is really a way to show love and to show their passion towards their off springs.

In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, Simon has an alternate personality caused by a spider bite.

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All though babies get official names as well but giving them some nickname or calling them by some nickname is really a beautiful feeling for all the parents.

His eyesight may not be as bad as Jeanette's because he still looks directly at the person he is speaking to and rarely bumps into things with his glasses off, both of which Jeanette does. Alvin exploits Simon's mastermind (less so than either series), though Simon secretly worries that they share the same gene pool.

In Alvin and the Chipmunks, Simon is shown as a little less reserved and with a reduced higher intelligence at times (such as giving Dave a paperclip compass).

Primogeniture is really a blessing for all the parents out there. They plan for their future and keep different cute nicknames of their babies to call them.

All the people around the world pray for a healthy baby and show their love to them by thinking and discussing them even before their birth.

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