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Local artwork and modern decorations adorn the walls and are changed monthly.

Novelty cocktails are served and always seem to be really strong, and relatively cheap, (especially compared to PLAY’s overpriced drink menu). Years ago, Blue Gene’s was a dark, dingy, gay karaoke bar populated mostly by service industry patrons letting off some steam.

This place is kind of gross, yet remains a favorite for many a Nashville lesbian and sports fan.

This fact, combined with Nashville’s unique status as Music City, makes for some pretty entertaining karaoke, which Lipstick offers 5 nights a week.If that’s not your cup of tea, show up on Monday for karaoke, or any other night for whatever themed TV programming they throw at you.For the white-collared, older, sophisticated or lazy types, Tribe is probably your best bet.More recently, it made a 5-second appearance on ABC’s “Nashville” TV drama where it was sorely misrepresented as a “trendy” music venue.(It is, indeed, one of East Nashville’s only great music venues, but just not the kind they made it out to be on that dumb show.) Besides being the epitome of a dive, this friendly, offbeat joint is appreciated by locals for its diverse crowd and excellent entertainment value.

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