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And it includes a chat sidebar for quick collaboration. You can register your own link to let people call you.

Then, instead of putting your phone number on your site, just leave enable Gruveo's browser call notifications (or install the Gruveo Chrome extension) and you can receive video calls anytime anyone needs to get in touch.

Now copy the link, share it with your colleagues, and up to 7 other people can join you in the call for free.

There's a chat pane to share text and links, stickers to cover your face, and an option to share your screen if you install a browser plugin.

Or you want to check in on a coworker and see how a project is coming along.

All you need is a quick way to make a video call, without any hassle. (or enter your own "room" name, if you don't want an auto-assigned name).

Up to 15 people can join the call, for now, and you can only make video calls on desktop.

What they lack in features, though, Slack calls make up for in convenience.

Then, apps and wider bandwidth came, and video calls and conferencing became more ubiquitous–as long as you had a decent internet connection and a capable device, that is.

We've tried a lot of video call apps—and have suffered through one too many terrible calls.

And so, after trying nearly two dozen video conferencing apps, we've settled on the ones that work well.

You can even start a new call right from Slack with the command.

It's hard to imagine a simpler way to have a video conference—and it's the tool many in the Zapier team grab when jumping on a quick call.

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