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He has also worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Baltimore Evening Sun, Sports Illustrated, and has served as the National Picture Editor for Newsweek. Do you remember what was going through your mind when you took that picture? I met him in the student union several weeks prior to the shooting. Question from Dogg Berry: Can you talk about the sense of pride in taking the photo, mixed with a sense of "why must this be the photo I am known for"? John Filo: As you work as a photographer, it is a constant learning experience.For the past five years, Filo has held the position of manager of photo operations for CBS. John Filo: I think what was going through my mind, quite frankly, was that I was just shot at, and I was doing a self-check. " And I wanted to take a picture of the guard shooting because I thought they were using blanks. I can't remember what she said exactly something like, "Oh, my God! Question from Milo: Does John remember the technical aspects of the photographs from that day (i.e., type of film, camera, exposure, etc.)? I am a far better photographer now than I was then, but also I know the unique thing about the medium of photography is its ability to freeze a moment in time.An inmate that has been admitted into the hospital will not be allowed visitors.

While everyone knows that the nineteenth-century novel is obsessed with gaffes, lapses, and blunders, who could have predicted that these would have so important a structural role to play in the novel and its rise?

And almost simultaneously, as his rifle went off, a halo of dust came off a sculpture next to me, and the bullet lodged in a tree. And the picture I made then was of Jeffrey Miller's body lying in the street and people starting to come out of shelter, and then a picture where Mary Vecchio was just entering the frame. Question from gaeschl: Over the years there have been rumors that the SDS and other students had attacked the guardsman. I saw guardsman struck with a rock on the helmet, heard the clunk ...

I dropped my camera in the realization that it was live ammunition. After I did that self-check and turned slowly to my left, what caught my eye on the street was the body of Jeffrey Miller and the volume of blood that was flowing from his body was as if someone tipped over a bucket. My question is did you see evidence of that and also what was the SDS like at Kent state ? but that was a minute or so before they ascended the hill . But no real cause and effect, action or reaction that warranted a shooting. was on campus, but, I don't know how large the following was.

John Filo was a senior at Kent State working in the student photography lab when the shots rang out just after noon on that day.

During the confrontation and ensuing chaos, he photographed a then 14-year-old runaway named Mary Vecchio as she kneeled over the bleeding body of Jeffrey Miller.

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