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Venus only has one earthquake every hundred million years or so, but it’s a doozy. Polk) The 100 most-discussed scientific papers of the year. Related, though you’ve probably seen it already: Deep Mind has made an AI that can learn to play at superhuman level in various games including chess, Japanese chess, and Go – after just a few hours of practice. For those of you who don’t know, they’re a research institute that looks into the possibility of future AI superintelligence and how to make it safe for humans.

Although only 5-10% of autistics have gender dysphoria, up to 25%-50% of transgender people may be autistic.“John the Chinese laundry man was the laughingstock of Weaverville, California.For months he washed the Anglo miners’ clothes and never charged a penny for his services.23and Me has announced they will fight any such requests; unclear what other companies will do.No, it’s not just your imagination: recent mystery interstellar asteroid Oumuamuamuamuamuamuamua does look kind of like a spaceship. And Robin Hanson on what it might teach us about interstellar space. And Garrett Jones on which US president made the largest positive contribution to global income (hint: it’s James K.

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