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Not quite a zero but no doubt disappointed was Windom, who clearly let one slip away.

Perhaps even more dejected was last year’s track champ Justin Grant, who was the quickest from hot lap/qualifying session number one and finished second to Dave Darland, setting him up for the feature redraw.

Qualifying 28 starting spot in the 30-lap main event.

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Compared to his landlord Kevin Thomas, Jr., house guest Jason Mc Dougal wound up on the opposite end of the hero/zero horizon.

On each one of these evenings, it just so happened that the major players endured their fair share of ups and downs, significantly changing their status from one night to the next or over the course of a few hours.

Beginning with an unusual Tuesday treat of Kokomo Speedway sprint cars and fireworks, Chris Windom was the odds-on favorite to take home the trophy, having scored in four of the five 2018 meetings prior to this affair.

However, immediately after the heat race checkered flag flew, the engine in his Topp Motorsports machine imploded and called a premature end to his outing, continuing his hugely frustrating season. Curious to know more but having committed myself to the grandstands the entire evening as my wife Rachael, oldest brother Greg, and his daughter Ana were in the house, I was unable to satisfy my inquiring mind.

While KTJ was answering Rob Goodman’s questions from BC’s victory lane, I observed the fact that crew chief/mechanic Davey Jones was not part of the celebration with Brad Alexander, A. Doing some digging in the Lincoln Park pits three days later, I learned that Thomas and Jones had parted ways at some point after the June 24 Darland Memorial.

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