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Still - pretty damn good scene for a mainstream flick, though it pretty much trashed the acting career of the rapist (Chris Sarandon) and did no favors for Margaux either - her sister, Mariel, was much better. Cheerleaders and reporters have always been some of my favorite victims.

---------- Dangerous Dave: "Lipstick" was one of the early surprises for me.

BIG PREVIEW Here is the link to my store, The Basement, where you can find these and others: The Basement In addition, I encourage you to check out my Dirty Deeds store for some movies with BDSM emphasis. Thanks, John MDangerous Dave wrote in his "Abductors" review: "The Abductors, they took what they wanted, but they wanted more"! When I first rented the movie for the first time, I thought the motto made perfect sense.---------- Yik Yakker wrote: If there was a vid that you really, really wanted and there was only one copy left on the planet and someone was selling it for 5, would you buy it? For that kind of money, I would demand a custom video lasting for hours, featuring at least 10 of my favorite actresses, and starring me as the villain :-) Looking forward to the "Ginger" review. So how old were you when you knew you liked the Gimp stuff?It's difficult for me to remember the exact age when I felt the first stirrings in my groin whenever I saw a women in peril.but one of the best parts of it is when the villian cuts her loose and runs the knife up her leg and over her ass all the way up to her arm.Anyone else have some thoughts about this classic rape scene?

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