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I have a nagging feeling of guilt that she is getting a raw deal.We do have a "no screens in the week" rule, except for homework, but I suspect it is regularly broken."Some of these children can't yet read or write, and they love You Tube, which is the killer app on the tablet.

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My husband and I can't even agree on household rules.Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, University of Sheffield and LSE joined academics from six other countries to contribute to a European Commission study looking at under-eights' behaviour on the internet.Key findings are that, in the UK, parents' strategies for managing children's internet use were at best "patchy, tending to rely on ad hoc observation".• Inside the mind of a teenager: A parent's guide Sonia Livingstone, professor in media and communications at LSE and an author of the report, says: "British parents are among the most fearful and confused when it comes to allowing their children to access the internet.[British parents] have a high rate of early adoption of devices, but a tendency just to put these expensive gadgets into their children's hands, without really knowing what they are doing on them." They think of tablets as toys, she says and give no thought to what apps are put on them.

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