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It’s not covered in the training mission but you’ll want to start wrapping your head around Dirty Bomb’s advanced movement system once you’ve mastered the basics.

Think of the movement system as part Half-Life, part Brink.

Shunning the trend of lone-wolf-loving supposed team games, Splash Damage has gone out of its way to encourage team play in Dirty Bomb.

While hanging back as, say, Vassili the sniper may suggest a solitary existence, his heartbeat sensor is a brilliant team-friendly tool for sniffing out enemies and getting the drop on them before they come around the corner.

It lingers long enough for you to get a full picture of exactly how you were killed.

It also means that the players you kill have access to the same information and will most likely seek retribution once they spawn.

Constantly relocating and, generally, being nimble on your toes is the best way to negate revenge killings and to keep your enemies guessing as to where you might be.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your primary weapon and adjust your tactics to suit.

Similarly, medics like Aura should work best just behind the frontline, while tanks such as Rhino should be the first Merc your advancing enemies see.

Going into a round, you can select three Mercs to have in your deck for switching between in any given mode.

Dirty Bomb uses a kill camera as an educational tool for players.

Upon death, you’ll know who killed you, with what weapon and from where.

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