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Come across an International 560 wide front , siting unused for some time. THEY WERE A TRACTOR THAT WOULD NEVER QUIT GIVE YOU AN HONEST DAYS WORK WITH VERY LITTLE FUEL CONSUMPTION AND ARE STILL IN USE WIDELY EVEN TODAY ALL HEIL THE 560!!!! Unfortunately, my uncle just tore down the engine - the head had several cracks in it. In '59, my boss bought the first 6 cylinder tractor in our township--a 560 gas narrow front. I was reading the last ad about a Farmall 560D with turbo. It has a little over 500 hours and other than being a little dusty works and runs great. It is used for pulling, agering, moving box it land scrapers out of the shop mag buy raveling inc of melven ia. The dealer says the tractor is good but the TA "slips". The International versions were the Standard Models. For the gentleman having trouble starting the gas model try a hotter plug. Also pull the choke clear out, give it about a third throttle then crank it. Everything seems to be in working order on her but, I have no idea of maintence schedules to keep her this way.Will be contacting the owner very soon for history etc. Does anyone have any idea where we could find a replacement head? HI I bought a 560 gas with a narrow front from my niehbor. If you know of anyone who has a ta for a 560 for sale please let me know. I also have a farmall 560d and we plan to do pulling with it next year it has a Hi performance cam shaft in it and is turned up and we was thinking about put a turbo on it and I was wandreing what kind of turbo you would use and what a reasonable price to do this? Can't say I've ever seen another one like it so I'm wondering if it has any worth. email me in Wisconsin at tiresrme at Farmall H, 1939 (3-digit seriel number) & Farmall Super M, propane, 1956 & Farmall 560 diesel drawbar & Farmall 560 diesel 2-point quick hitch & Farmall 966, 1974. And most 560's in my area wount run a silige blower but his is turnd up so far it will. perhaps someone could let me know where I could find any literature, (i.e. Various states, one looks like a 560, Was repainted, and had new gas(reman'd) then the guy died, stored 4 years, under cover thank GOD! What is the value for a Farmall 560 Propane, that we still use in the fields?There should not be a problem with useing a tractor of this size to mow pastures. You didn't say if you are an experenced with farm equipment are not. He has had an Oliver Row-Crop 77, Farmall Super A, John Deere 2040 and a Farmall F-20, but his favorite baby will always be the 460. The 560 did everything that was asked of it, from a 5 bottom plow, to cutting silage, to planting wheat, grinding feed, there was nothing that was too tough. And yes, gotta love the sound of that engine under load. I grew up working on my uncles tobacco farm and he had a 460 that did a great job of pulling the harrow and also a 3 bottom 14" plow.First you have more than enough Hp to turn a 6ft or larger shredder. Depending on how the wheels on this tractor are set,they can be set-out for a wider stance. Basicly in my opinion there is'nt anything a small tractor can do that a larger tractor can't do better, providing the work application is equal. Replaced all sleeves and pistons with sealed power units, and bent #1 rod with reconditioned one. IH dealer said common for these tractors with dry sleeves to encounter breakage. He used it also to pull three rain bird irrigation guns during the summer. Model #S10321HC for IH # 371775R91, but no tractor serial number.IU would like to get a turbo, if anyone has one let me know I would be interested in buying it. both of these tractors have been used hard for a lot of years and usually just keep on going but eventually you got to fix even the best.

In April of 1962 when I was 6 months old my father purchased a brand new 560 Diesel. This tractor was the main farm tractor at the time and was used throughout the years for plowing, disking. Do they make them, for this tractor, and where can I order one.Mine had bolt on weights made of cast, and for more weight the tire people would add calcium treated water to give you even more weight.Maybe people use different wheels for pulling, but they came original with the two piece as described.COM im just so proud i own the entire 60 series I am probably one of the few women who owns a 1962 Mc Cormick International Farmall 560. There is not much problem with it exept it is incredibly hard to turn. My husband used it to plow our back yard and to snow blow our drive with the 7' snow blower. Call me if you have any questions about any of these about tractors.(704)422-3755 after 10;00 p.m. I HAVE A 1963 FARMALL IH560 DIESEL SN 57159SY WAS RUNNING GOOD WHEN OWNER PASSED AWAY 10 YEARS AGO, HAS SINCE BEEN SETTING OUT AND IS QUITE WEATHERED TIRES ARE STILL UP AND NOT CRACKED TOO BAD, (PICTURES AVAILABLE) UNIT IS IN TEXAS WILL CONSIDER REASONABLE OFFER. NET OLD CASE AND 48 H FARMALL ALSO AVAILABLEI own a 1956 560d had it running a few years ago and it needed a new pump,since then I've had several people tring to buy it,if I decide to sell it I don't know what it's worth.everything is there ,family owned needs paint and tires need ideal for finding a resonal price to sell John Mayse; The S-Y and CC tell you the hyd pump capacity and the transmission gearing option (I can't recall which is which now). Can someone please help, I have recently purchased a International 560D wide front. I have gotten every number I can find off of it to find out more information on it, and cant even seem to find out the year. Am marrying into a family with a 560 diesel that hasn't run for several years, stored in a pole barn. I love the power and the sound of the it handles so good. it needs an injector pump and he says it uses a lot of oil .... Can some tell me about where to find sheet metal for it and about the fenders. I have a small ranch and will be using to work hay, I have a new holland 7 ft disc mower and am wondering if the hyd will pick up the blade. I have a 53 super M with a 3 pt conversion a great tractor but the hyd is not strong enough. If any interest is out there I'll break them down and see if they're worth the shipping, Will email digital pix. 80HP w/ M&W turbo, new 16.9X38 Firestone ALL-Traction, bolt-on axle duals, 3 pt. w/ rolling baskets, 5-16's, or you can buy it and just play around and look at it like it's a 69 Chevy SS or something. Has quick hitch with lift arms and three point hookup, IH 5'blade,quick attach carryall,quick attach drawbar. it was a miricale if it started in the middle of july. I have a "59" Gas Farmall, which I bought recently.I bought it with a front end loader and a Graham Hayme chisel and have been repainting it and have used it some and find it more complicated than the Ford I owned when I was married. My husband has passed away and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much the tractor and snow blower are worth. I have just puchased a 560 diesel for 0.00 does it sound like a good deal the engine is locked up tight and the clutch is stuck to the flywheel does it sound like a good deal i am starting to have second thoughts about my new toy. My husband forgot to check the oil and it threw a rod. I'm sure that the serial number chart on this site will tell you the year, etc. The plate with the serial number says international 560 d but after the 4 digit serial number it says s-y-cc can anyone tell me anything about this. Am told it needs a screwdriver across the starter (solenoid) terminals, but I should be able to fix that! I use it for every thing a tractor does on the farm. I have a 1963 560d for sale nf,decent sheetmetal new starter and brakes and seat and batteries and steering wheel solid runner too many projects no fast hitch or 3 point has pto and standard hitch 3150.0 obo I have a 560 Farmall wide front, gas, runs strong burns no oil. I was warned they were cold blooded, and would flood easily. New points, condensor, am replacing cap, rotor, and wires.

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