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It was warm and sunny today, but Ski Go HF red worked great the whole way. Reply Posted this on the wrong page, so copying here…apologies! Winter decided to disappear here, and so I thought, “good time for a trip home to visit the family and ski in Canmore.” The long range forecast looked promising. How does Canmore Nordic usually fare in these situations? Reply You should be able to find good tracks at the Nordic Centre on the main trails that are groomed frequently.I assume they have great grooming and can stretch things out…? Check the live grooming reports (top of this page) the day-of for fresh tracks in Peter Lougheed, which should be ok if they haven’t gone through the freeze/thaw of tracks a few days old.I often ski without poles assisting me in order to improve my stride. I am 6 feet tall and I weigh 100kg (220lbs) without ski clothes, boots etc.The Motion Skintec are 204cm Xtrastiff with weight range of 90-110kg.I do not know whether it was the skis (too stiff) or my technique.Are there conditions where the Skintecs just don’t work well?

The tracks are well travelled by the end of day and mostly smoothed over and glazy when I go out at nightfall. Mostly, the the grip was limited and I would slide-out on my kick.Normally, I can run/stride uphill with limited glide (without poles).I am pleased with the downhill glide performance overall – again not as good glide as others on wax skis.Skiing in a couple weeks – so any info is appreciated – TIA Ashley Reply Hi Ashley We went into the cabin yesterday and came out today.Conditions were pretty good and we had no trouble with Classic Wax XC skis. So evidently temps are going to spike next week, just in time for me to come out.

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