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If you go through your local Office for the Aging, they will probably be able to direct you to such a day care center, let you know if there is a charge for the facility and what the eligibility requirements are.

As for the fees associated with these facilities, if the facility does in fact charge a fee they are normally quite nominal and are just there to help the center cover its own costs for meals and operating costs like utilities.

You can get answers regarding health insurance, food stamps and other services through these counselors.

Adult day care centers can be run by a government entity, or through a local charity or house of worship.

This means that a senior with no dental insurance may still be able to get the dental care needed…you just might have to travel to get it.

To find a dentist in your state that accepts Medicaid, contact your state Department of Health, but keep in mind that you may have to travel out of your way to get these services.

In addition to calling your Office for the Aging to see if they know of a source, here are two additional places to look into: Your State Dental Association: here you will be able to access free or low-cost dental programs.

With few resources at their disposal, finding services for free or discounted prices is vital.

How many times have you, either as a senior or as a caregiver, wrestled with trying to figure out what type of help was available to you?

There is free counseling available through your local Office for the Aging that can provide this type of assistance and point you in the right direction to receiving the help you need.

The purpose of these senior centers is to provide a safe place to socialize and have a hot meal in a protected setting.

These adult day care centers are ideal for seniors who cannot remain alone, but are not in need of the care that a nursing home provides.

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