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We also realize that there is a cost to breaking through the clutter in order to find the next generation of members—but it’s a price worth paying for the long-term benefit of the credit union.The numbers are proving that.”“Young & Free is exactly what credit unions specifically targeting Gen Y need.Ready When You Need It Home improvements, a family vacation, consolidating your debts…Whatever you have in mind, why not look to the very place that makes you feel most secure and comfortable –your home! Clearly, Young & Free Maine is having a positive impact on Maine’s credit unions in attracting more young adult members.”“We recognize that our credit union needs to continue to get younger.The first qualifying credit union in each region to sign an agreement will secure regional rights to the program.Fill out the short form at the top of this page and we'll reach out to schedule a time to talk to you about Young & Free and how it might work for your situation.

You can also set up the Parental Control service, which makes sure your children can only go to sites that are suitable for them. Sometimes we might block a site by mistake, or we might miss an adult site.

Whether you carry high balances or lower balances, our checking accounts will help you earn the dividends, avoid the fees and access your account any way you prefer.

They also come with a variety of services to make your life easier.

Since November 2011, Maine credit unions have reported consistent 7% account growth, with 60% of relationships new to credit unions.

Find a credit union near you: World: USA: Canada: This video was created by the Young & Free Spokesters to celebrate and promote credit unions.","custom Thumb":"52abde71e4b0ee34bfd7cb79","html":"" data-provider-name="Vimeo"“Maine credit unions reported a 4% growth in 18- to 25-year-old members over the initial 12-month period, and the average age of credit union membership moved down to age 45 from age 47 in one year.

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