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Management systems gave me a sense of comfort and control in a classroom, but I always had to be open to how life, just like in an RPG, often influenced my plans with a seemingly random roll of the dice—in the form of a suddenly ill student, an academic breakthrough, or an unplanned fire drill.And above all else, I reveled in the imagination you needed, especially in the fantasy, sword-and-sorcery RPG worlds.Popular apps like Instagram and Tumblr are the most used venue for roleplaying.Many of these groups sometimes take off into smaller groups and start meeting on apps like Skype and Kik. This type of role-playing is typically done by fans of books/movies/web-series such as Homestuck, Pokemon and countless others. let’s RP” Roleplaying is an activity in which people assume the role of a character in a fictional setting and interact to create a story.Classcraft is a great tool to gamify your classroom. But what if you gained Experience Points (XP) and Gold Pieces (GP) when you did positive things?

The interface is engaging yet simple enough for even younger students to learn.

We understand that kids, and teens especially, need stimulation and acceptance.

In today’s online world, its harder to separate the real and virtual worlds.

However, if you spend any time on Instagram or Tumblr reading through the role-plays you will quickly see that the storylines more often than not include inappropriate words, graphics or plots including violence and/or graphic sex.

Sadly, if your kids or teens are participating they probably are already interacting with strangers online. It is nearly impossible to tell online if a child is role-playing with another peer or if in fact the other role-player is a child predator acting as a peer to earn your child’s trust.

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