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For Example - if you have ADFS, Okta, Salesforce, Simple Saml Php, Shibboleth, PING, Centrify, Open AM, IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, RSA FIM (Federated Identity Manager), Oracle Identity Manager, mini Orange, etc.

So now once you have created the application for Open ID Connect.An Identity broker service hides all the complexity of these protocols and provides a simple HTTPS endpoint for parties to use.Without implementing SAML, OPENID, OAUTH or OPENID Connect, you can suddenly start speaking these languages and have access to identity and access tokens from hundreds of providers.Over the years we have developed many standards for doing this like SAML, OPENID, OAUTH, OPENID Connect but the problem is that very few people understand how these protocols work and where are they supposed to be used.It gets complicated to implement such protocols and is also expensive and time consuming.

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