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If you have one or more problem teeth, your dentist may suggest removing them before you start treatment.

Radiation (and dry mouth) might damage them to the point where they’ll need to be removed anyway, and this can be harder to do after treatment starts.

Breast soreness, color changes, and fluid build-up (lymphedema) will most likely go away a month or 2 after you finish radiation therapy.

If fluid build-up continues to be a problem, ask your cancer care team what steps you can take. Radiation therapy may cause long-term changes in the breast.

This information covers some of the most common areas that might be treated with radiation.

Talk to your cancer care team about what you can expect.

Mouth dryness may be a problem even after treatment is over. Radiation treatment to your head and neck can increase your chances of getting cavities.

Most likely, you will be told to: To avoid irritating the skin around the breast, women should try to go without wearing a bra whenever they can.

People with brain tumors often get stereotactic radiosurgery (radiation given in one large dose) if the cancer is in only one or a few sites in the brain.

Side effects depend on where the radiation is aimed.

Some side effects of radiation therapy, like fatigue and skin problems, can happen no matter what part of the body is being treated.

(For more on this, see Coping With Radiation Treatment.) But radiation therapy can have other, specific side effects depending on what area is being treated.

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