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Find out where your motherline descends from with a detailed breakdown of all the ancestral groups that have been part of this line.Through your mt DNA, we look at the history of your motherline from the point in Africa when we all shared the same DNA until recent times.Content experts: Abdulaziz Ali, Whit Athey, Ray Banks, Thomas Bean, Nigel Bond, Aaron R.Brown, David Dowell, Neal Downing, Alice Fairhurst, Charles Fueston, Phil Goff, Vladimir Gurianov, Gareth Henson, Greg Hockings, Robert Hughes, Tim Janzen, Frances James, Mark Jost, James Kane, Kathleen Kerwin, Atanas Kumbarov, Owen Lu, Sergey Malayshev, Zdenko Markovic, Victar Mas, Hans De Beule, Eugene Matyushonok, Bob May, Lawrence Mayka, Christopher Mc Cown, Charles Moore, Stephen Parrish, Marja Pirttivaara, Bonnie Schrack, John Sloan, David Stedman, Steve Trangsrud, Leonard Trujillo, Ann Turner, Vladimir Volkov, Michael W. Content experts liaison with experts from various reliable sources to determine what information is needed to amend the tree.

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If you have British or Irish ancestry then it’s the only test that shows where within Britain and Ireland your ancestry comes from.

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That’s why Living DNA acts as responsible custodians of your data for as long as you choose.

All information is kept confidential and secure, and the company exceeds the leading quality and security standards.

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