Google plus dating site

The left-hand navigation includes a Stream option where you can filter your Google Stream.

If you want to see posts by members of your business network, just click on that circle under the stream.

You can add friends into as many circles as you want.

It initially suggests friends based out of your Google Contacts.

Updating your status is a snap — type content in the "Share" box at the top of your stream and choose who to share it with.

You can share it with the public (all of your followers) or just share it with certain circles.

In addition to text, you can share photos, videos, links and your location.

Google automatically detects the content of the links you share and allows you to choose a thumbnail from that link.

Options include allowing people to email you from a link on your profile and being public, private or somewhere in between using Google Circles (explained below).

Your profile also displays members of your circles and who has added you to theirs.

You can change the privacy settings on the left side of your profile to make this data public or private.

This allows you to put your mom in your "Family" circle, your boss in your "Business" circle and a friend from college in your "Friends" circle. However, making too many becomes cumbersome and may diminish the usefulness of Circles.

To add friends to a circle, all you have to do is drag-and-drop them into a circle.

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