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Even though it looks like I’m not moving my face at all there is something there that Ned can see!

‘I’m enjoying it, it is one of the best parts I’ve ever played and I mean that!

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In fact, Eric and Marlon spent the entirety of the storyline investigating Graham Clark, certain that he was the one who murdered Rachel.

And if their relationship is revisited, might this complicated things beyond measure?

Graham has made it clear that he doesn’t approve of innocent people being hurt and while he has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with when someone does deserve payback, Joe’s spiteful actions have started to irritate him.

He likes to cling to nice things – he’s seen some dark things – so he likes it when good things happen as well.

Again, it is a mix of his traumatic past and what he has seen around the world.’ Speculating on whether Graham will eventually turn on Joe, he continued: ‘That’s always possible. We are more friends really but we do have a really good relationship.

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