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The Yankees are a strong team because they back each other up. We need to help each other out for us all to do well. The speech felt firm and the kids sat silently with their eyes on me for every word. Since we're a team, I thought it would be fair if we all made our class rules together. An outstanding first rule." I jotted it on the board. " I ignored the chuckles because she had hit one of the key points. For the two weeks before SFA began (involving students changing rooms for their skill-level groups), teachers followed an introductory curriculum called Getting Along Together. Fausto beamed while 15 kids cracked up, Lakiya the loudest of all. As the overwrought giggles receded, Fausto, now a superstar, still had not returned to his seat. With my good faith gesture, I put myself in a position to be defied by one charismatic rebel, which of course happened immediately, opening the floodgates.

All I want to do is help you get smarter and have fun while it's happening. For the first lesson, I had to read Crow Boy, an Eastern fairy tale about an outcast child who finds self-reliance. She bellowed a forced, open-mouthed cackle, swaying violently in her seated position, knocking into classmates. Before I had won the respect and command of the class, I allowed myself to be drawn into a graceless power struggle with the attention-seeking subverter.

Fausto Mason immediately tipped me off for trouble. They copied everything in their math notebooks or blank loose-leaf sheets I provided. I soon learned that most of my students also owned a Playstation 2 or X-Box videogame system.

Short and puffy-cheeked, Fausto grinned and swaggered with a loose strut. One teacher explained, "It's an investment in a 24-hour babysitter." Fausto got out of his seat 11 times during the 20-minute math lesson.

The following excerpt from my new rookie teacher memoir, On the first day of school, I woke up at , methodically showered and dressed, purchased a bagel at the corner bodega, and boarded the F-train. I had already prepared my chalkboard the previous Friday with the heading: I knew that establishing the "team" classroom culture had to happen right off the bat.

I needed to be firmest when I was the least experienced, the paradoxical curse of new teachers.

During summer training, I studied cases that made a convincing argument that students' achievement levels vary directly with their teacher's expectations of them, regardless of neighborhood or family background. I tried to keep him at bay by calling on him when his hand was not raised.

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Meanwhile, Congress is discussing the reauthorization of the controversial No Child Left Behind legislation. 85: Great Expectations School entrance with a quickened step, distributing "good mornings" to everyone I saw.I'm very interested in trips, rewards, and games, but only if we work together. Introducing the story, I wrote the word "unique" on my chart paper which Sonandia, my wordsmith, defined as "one of a kind." I told them we all have secret talents that we ourselves might not even know about yet. Counter to my hopes, my lack of stern watchfulness during the first lineup enabled them to loudly goof off during future hall-walking time, since I had sent an initial impression that I was not fatally serious about our line."Some of you on the carpet right now might be brilliant comic strip artists, creative writers, question-askers, room-organizers, or things we haven't even thought of. This resulted in a constant public fracas of shouting and shepherding the non-compliers during those formative first weeks.After all, he had never had a male teacher and he had never had me. After the kids answered the worksheet questions from the Trailblazers textbook and we discussed them (although only 10 of the 21 present completed the work), it was time for the Baseline Writing Sample.I assigned the students to desks according to my carefully devised seating chart. This would be a "before" example to compare with June work. I stopped in the middle because after four and a half hours in the room together, we had made it to lunch time.

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