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“Killing, raping and looting have been common practices in religious societies, and often carried out with clerical sanction.

One would think Palestine has the "right to defend itself" from well over five decades of encroachment.

Morality arises out of our innate desire for safety, stability and order, without which no society can function; basic moral precepts (that murder and theft are wrong, for example) antedated religion.

Those who abstain from crime solely because they fear divine wrath, and not because they recognize the difference between right and wrong, are not to be lauded, much less trusted.

And science believed the universe began in a "big bang"....proved itself wrong, Here are some more scientific lies for you. Thusly, we can determine the composition or the Earth's early atmosphere and what light it's composition would reflect.

So yeah, we ..So it was green because your imperfect "science" says so?

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