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An exhaustively researched report published by the Chicago Plan Commission in 1943 details phantom developments such as this, along with every neighborhood in the city.

Today, streets such as Midas, Mohican and Nonand have all vanished, and residential lots shown in white undeveloped until after World War II.

Without question one of the most desirable building sites in North America, developments near where Lake Michigan and the Chicago River meet has been subject to many development twists and turns for nearly 95 years.

The stunning location of this neighborhood is currently home to significant and remarkable new developments, as discussed below.

Henry Dreyfuss (1904-1972) was a leading American industrial designer of the twentieth century, responsible for the design of everything from tens of millions of telephones built by the Western Electric subsidiary of AT&T in Cicero, Illinois to the iconic Honeywell home thermostat and 1930s trains for the New York Central Railroad.

Thank you to everyone who have joined us during presentations and during tours over the years.

Chicago’s outsize contribution to American manufacturing in decades past is dramatically shown in the little-seen illustration above, published by the Chicago Plan Commission in 1952.

According to this graphic, Chicago and California were roughly equal in the value of manufacturing by 1947, despite California being 770 times the size of Chicago and with roughly twice as many residents at the time.

During events and presentations, Forgotten Chicago explores the complexities of Chicago’s development, planning, and economic history, and the many forgotten remnants of the region’s industrial past and infrastructure that remain visible today.

Explored in an exclusive tour in 2016, what is now known as Pioneer Court was once home to not only the site of the first home in Chicago, but was a leading industrial area from 1847 to the demolition of the James S. Purchased by Procter & Gamble in 1930, Kirk produced a large number of brands, some unfortunately named.

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