Hk sex dating website

Over the past three months, there were at least 12 reports of “compensated dating” scams in which the victims were instructed to pay in bitcoin, up from only three in the first three months of this year.

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She begged the victim to help her pay more money so she could be freed,” another source said.In the whole of last year, teachers, doctors, lawyers and government employees were among more than 450 men who had fallen into the trap and lost HK million in total.One of them was duped out of about HK0,000 in more than 10 transactions in a month.Since some of the websites involved are overseas websites, the Police may encounter certain difficulty in ascertaining the identity of the suspects in such cases.Furthermore, the Police often have to contact those who claim to provide or arrange sexual services in the course of collecting evidence and law enforcement, and may encounter difficulty during the process.(d) and (e) According to the experience of the relevant departments in handling such cases, even if the persons requesting assistance have engaged in prostitution activities involving "compensated dating", they normally do not mention it specifically.

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