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200) with the objective of preventing the exploitation of others for the purposes of prostitution, combating organised prostitution activities, and lessening the nuisance to members of the public that vice activities may cause.The Police are all along committed to combating all kinds of illegal prostitution activities, especially prostitution activities organised by syndicates and those involving underage girls, including illegal prostitution activities conducted under the guise of "compensated dating".The Police have not maintained statistics on enforcement actions taken against illegal prostitution activities conducted under the guise of "compensated dating", nor have they conducted data analysis on whether vice syndicates are engaged in illegal prostitution activities under the guise of "compensated dating".Nevertheless, the Police will continue to take proactive enforcement actions to combat illegal prostitution activities and will adjust their strategies having regard to circumstances to ensure effective law enforcement.(c) To crack down on individuals who arrange prostitution activities through the Internet, the Police conduct cyber patrol and enters the chat rooms or discussion forums of various websites to check if anyone arranges prostitution activities in any manner, and take enforcement actions whenever necessary.

This gang surfaced after Hong Kong and mainland Chinese police broke up another syndicate in a joint operation earlier this year.Nevertheless, it is an offence for a man to have unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 16.Various prostitution-related offences are stipulated under Part XII of the Crimes Ordinance (Cap.He said fraudsters also coaxed targets into revealing personal information, with which they could blackmail them.Victims were asked to send a copy of their identity card through the app to prove they were not undercover police officers.

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