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John Crown was my great grandfather and I have quite a bit of information on him, Crowns yard, ships built and in particular HMS Ettrick which was launched by my mother in 1943 and about which I have produced a book which relates her complete history as a River Class Frigate on North Atlantic convoy duty. 14, 2017 - [email protected] delighted to hear from you, Charles. Drowned with the wreck of the Beatitude on the Manacles. 10, 2017 - [email protected] am glad that you have been in touch, Carole. 14, 2017 - [email protected] glad to hear Bryan, that you enjoy my now not so little little website. Am particularly looking for a general arrangement drawing. 4, 2017 - [email protected], built by 'Laing' in 1962 is covered on site here. Witness got the engine to slacken speed, lest it run over the drunken men. 346) I was born at 45 Church Street, Monkwearmouth. 7, 2017 - [email protected] do hope that someone will come forward in response to your request. I went back to shipbuilding in 1999 on the Clyde as the outfit manager until BAE Systems took over. 344) The black and white photo of the church is St. Forgive me saying it but I believe you are off course in your thoughts late in your message.

I look forward to studying the site in more detail. I have assembled a modest amount of data about the Crown family & their shipbuilding history in Sunderland - on site page 050. The 'Crown' build list has, since the above was written, been much improved. I have picked up my family history recently and with my cousin's daughter Kerry Smy have come across this information on my great grandfather Albert Mitchell Spender. Edward Ealden born 1821, died in 1858 when he was 37 years old. The vessel in question was built by Peter Austin in 1839. 354) Can't tell you how much I am enjoying the Sunderland website. Your words, & the similar words of others, encourage me to continue to expand the site day by day. The only suggestion I have for drawings is that the vessel would seem to have been featured in 'Motor Ship' in 1962 (available as Motor Ship Volume 43). I am delighted to hear, Cathy, that you found, via Google, my modest text & images about 'Gladstone Bridge', just one of many obscure topics that are covered on site but rarely mentioned elsewhere. My grandparents, Albert & Elizabeth Johnson, had a general dealers at #44. I am now retired but still remember all the guys, supervisors and managers......great times. I have not yet researched Sir George Seymour, but to help answer your message have quickly checked the Lloyd's Register ('LR') record for the vessel.

The background information on some of the ships is helpful in bringing them alive in the text. Glad to hear, Patricia, that you are preparing to publish a book on such a worthy subject. 377) From what is an excellent essay on the Sunderland area, I have to correct you in one respect. Len asked one day if I would consider including an article he had written about growing up in Sunderland. Thank you so much, Thomas, for taking the time to tell us this & to show us the beautiful images of the document in question. I presume, John, that you refer to the Lodore, ON 99369, which was built at Sunderland & is covered on site here. I presume also that Henry Littlefield was a member of the vessel's crew & not a passenger. I was not aware, Tracey, of Jonathan Shaw & William Candlish whose practice, as surgeons, was at Ayre's Quay Villa. I am glad that the Cereal listing has helped you, Neil, even if just a little. Bryan has kindly provided this image of the tug & an article that provides a little of her history.

I will be visiting Sunderland in the autumn before finalising the text ready for publication, by myself. Do let me know in due course how interested site visitors might proceed to acquire a copy. My grandmother was Violet Wilson, and my aunts were Julia and Hilda Wilson. I just can't thank you enough, Christine Eisner, Los Angeles, California, U. You give the impression in your item on the Lambton Worm, that it wrapped itself around Penshaw Hill, the Penshaw Hill with Penshaw Monument on it. The site references to the Lambton Worm (1 & 2) are contained within articles written for the site many years ago by Len Charlton, alas no longer with us. That proved to be the first of many articles that Len contributed to the site. I have added a reference to David Savill into the text on page 190. I have little knowledge of such matters but do not ever recall any mention that such a certificate had existed. And that you are likely looking for a crew list which references his name. Should you (or anybody else for that matter) wish to write a paragraph or two about them I will gladly add it into the site. Now this site being about Sunderland, there is really no place for any vessel built elsewhere. The article that Bryan refers to is re Eppleton Hall, a 1914 paddle tug that served for many decades & made the long journey from the U. The webmaster is unable to help Bryan with his request. I have a small engineering business dating back to 1940 which has in the past supplied fuel oil heating equipment to Sunderland Shipbuilders & predecessors for use on their ships. Andrew's website reference is https://akwaugh.com/ I am glad to hear from you, Andrew, & open to the sort of material that you may be able to provide.

Thank you for helping us to find out about great grandfather. A beautiful scaled down version of vessel in mahogany case. Such data as I have located about Wearwood can be read here. Barque built 1871 was owned by Christian Michael Matzen, Altona (area of Hamburg). I am gradually working my way though the cuttings, which contain much interesting data.

Have researched at Lloyds Register & obtained the ship's full history. This information is shown on the registry of passengers from Hamburg to Australia May 1882. It may very well be that similar cuttings re year 1844 would tell you who built the vessel.

Or, if you wish, you may contact the webmaster here:- [email protected] to my Sunderland site. To search for specific text on this page, just press 'CTRL F' & then enter your search term.

I am currently writing the history of William Doxford & Sons, both the family and the business. My mother in law was born a Doxford, the only daughter of the engineer Robert Pile Doxford. Such history as I have available about the sawmill & the Wilson family can be read here. It would seem, per the Mercantile Navy List of 1910, that there were 4 vessels named Lodore in 1909. Forerunner was also a paddle tug, built 40 years earlier, back in 1874, by Westward Bailey & Company of Poplar in the east end of London. The tug made the journey from London to Durban, South Africa, & being, I read, 'notoriously slow' took an amazing seven months to get there!

357) At first glance it looks like a fascinating site which I will explore at my leisure. Carole Nowell (ne Ealden), Harrowgate, North Yorkshire, Sep. The big man had hold of the little man, and at that time, a locomotive was coming from the North-Eastern Shops. I joined A&P in 1971 first as an apprentice shipbuilder then caulker burner then the union took up my case and I got changed to a plater, won the apprentice of the year I think in 1975, was allowed to do my B. I left in 1988 to start my travels around the country. Austin & Pickersgill Limited is covered on site here with links to further data of its predecessor companies. It is of course most frustrating because my ancestors travelled on Sir George Seymour in 1850 to Canterbury. I hoped that that list would provide an answer, but Sir George Seymour is not included in the list.A start has been made on a list of the vessels that they built or were later built at their yard (here & here) but such lists are partial only & so far include just a handful of the total number of ships there were. It is merely named so far on site - in the list of vessels built in 1943. We knew he had gone down with all hands but did not know where it was, even the name if the vessel. 11, 2017 - [email protected] have tried to contact June about her message. 355) You asked for further information about the Beatitude. Oswald Wilson was my grandfather and Violet Wilson, his daughter, was my mother. About a month later I went to work at Joplings department store. It would be good to find more literature about both Joblings & the Bromarsh theatre. Just possibly vessel plans were attached to the original article. 43 to check - it is not particularly cheap to buy (1, 2). I wondered if anyone has any photographs of the shop. It is quite routinely LR recorded from 1844/45 thru 1867/68, but looks likely to have mainly served Australia rather than New Zealand.So thank you so much for the information so far and would love to be included in the history of this to be able to pass this on to my grandchildren. My father, William Lacey was manager of the Bromarsh movie theater and had just arrived home after the last show when the bombing occurred. And worked there for four years before joining the Palestine Police. 353) Have inherited the owner's model, Constantine & Pickering, and believe the second model was held by builders, John Blumer of ss Wearwood built 1912. Sue's model, a 'half model' with a mirrored back, is amazingly heavy - takes 4 men to lift! One thing leads to another - thanks to Trove, Australia, some detail re that 1882 voyage to Adelaide, including a passenger list in German, is now available also. Or find the correct issue of the magazine in 1962 - not cheap either! A partial history of the vessel, containing that LR data, can be accessed here. A site visitor recently gave me a series of newspaper cuttings, ex the Newcastle Courant, covering vessel launches at Sunderland in 1854.I recently acquired a photograph of Tom Carney (Berth Manager) & myself discussing the situation on that job. My family are mainly from Roker & Monkwearmouth Shore - a.k.a. I grew up at the top of Roker bank & seemed to spend all my childhood in the docks and walking along the coast with my grandfather, listening to stories of the old area. About 1,000 'new' vessels have been added into the site, but such list does not, until now, include Teresa built in 1836. She had some not too complimentary stories about the yard & the bosses! In 1855/56, per LR, Ritson & Co., also of Maryport, became the vessel's owner with J. Where that all happened is not clear but it likely was in the western Atlantic just S. Per LR, Gibson owned the vessel thru to 1883/84 at least. LR says that it did, while MNL always lists the vessel as a barque. At this moment I cannot answer that question, but note that MNL does not list the vessel in 1880 or later, while LR continues to list the vessel for 4 or so more years. 363) Hi you probably already know this but the Pallion Inn is now the Wear Tavern. His father, my g'father, had a chemist shop on Roker Ave. My mother's father was Alderman Bruce, Mayor in 1897/98. Contact me if you wish to follow up re this matter. Have the original yard ledger of ships built at Laings. And 2) the paddle steamer built by Laing, which is really not yet detail listed on site due to lack of data.Can that be incorporated with that description or not? ATM I'm particularly researching one great-grandfather, Robert Hutchinson, who was a foyboatman & lived in North Pier Cottage from the late 1800s to 1935. Let us hope that others will recall the old cottages at North Pier & provide an image or images for inclusion on site. I have commenced my research into her history but would welcome such data as you have so far assembled. But that may well not be so, since MNL of 1879 rather lists Thomas Harper of Newcastle as her then owner. I would not be surprised to find its end was in or about 1880. Am unsure if it's open now but definitely not a car park. He was a grocer & provision merchant, later William Bruce and Sons with premises on Nile Street. Dodd at the door of his shop, but no picture of the Bruce grocer shop. 28, 2017 - [email protected] do hope, Bruce, that a site visitor will be able to provide you with an image of the Bruce grocers' shop on Nile Street in Sunderland. Mark, I wrote to Ron Lovell but he has not replied. Yard number 243 Ganges, paddle steamer launched '--? It rather is essentially named here & also on page 145. 22, 2016 [email protected] believe, Bob, that the inclusion of an image in your family memoirs would constitute fair dealing under the copyright laws of Canada - assuming that those memoirs are private in nature & are not published. I experimented with different spellings & came up with LODORE That's when I found your site. I intend to get this lovely piece of memorabilia restored. Lindsay Thomas Morgan, Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada, Oct. The information is derived from primary sources such as Custom House Records and original registration papers, the work is carried on by a number of hard working researchers often at their own expense.

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