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So if you don't know how your Virgo friend feels, and you find your bookshelves organized, your garage cleaned or your car washed and detailed, you'll know your Virgo friend cares. Though Libra loves romance, the sign of the Scales is also about partnership and the balance required to maintain good friendships.

The Libra friend loves harmony and will go out of his or her way to avoid ruffling a friend's feathers without good reason. Intense Scorpio doesn't totally understand friendship. Because Scorpio may have trust issues, sometimes the Scorpion will let jealousy or fear of betrayal get the best of a good friendship.

Capricorn's best friendship asset: steering friends toward concrete goals.

As the sign that rules friendship, you know how to see people not only as members of families or work teams, but as unique individuals capable of forming friendships with others.

Ring one of the insightful and gifted psychics on 09 to learn that s relative is hinting they have a secret.

You're intrigued and want to know more but try to hide your curiosity or they'll tease you all the more. (Calls cost £1.50 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge.

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Though you might need to lift the Goat out of blue moods from time to time, in return you'll find an ambitious friend who knows how to make the rules of society work to his or her advantage.

Gemini's best friendship asset: light-hearted curiosity. Loyal to the end, a Cancer friend will give you the shirt off their back.

Loving, caring and great at creating cozy dinner parties, the Cancer friend sometimes expects dependency in return.

Your colleagues lean on you to make products and services as attractive as possible.

These efforts will result in handsome profits and perhaps a promotion for you.

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