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This all came about due to the fact that I have been watching a lot of porn lately.I can`t help myself, porn is my new adult teacher of pleasure in my book.the newest festival I have come to really appreciate with a big smile on my face is Japan`s penis festival that is held in the spring.People come to Kawasaki Japan to celebrate Kanamara Matsuri which is “Festival of the Steel Phallus.” There is indeed history behind it.I know things can be hot and heavy at times but it really is important to have a moment or two with some hot foreplay involved.Even if is just a whisper in the ear or a fantasy shared. I want to know your sexual fantasy and I want to share mine with you as I strip and tease your cock with and for you. National masturbation month is slowly coming to an end and we as well should start cumming harder.Just to keep this precious month by making ourselves feel really good.

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I think what would really make stripteasing and pleasing really hot is if my partner and I both do it together and we are so in sync that it becomes a form of foreplay before the deed.To me striping is not just taking off my clothing its more to me as a sensual dance to let my special someone who is watching me know that I want them and want to please them in all sorts of ways.Even if they are not in front of me, I love to talk/text and describe what is on and what is coming off bit by bit.A festival like this is a tour attraction and a bit of a sexy history lesson rolled up into one.I love penis/cock and would so love to be a part of something like this.

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