How to handle dating someone in the military

" And, if relationships are allowed, be discreet and prepare for any consequences.Depending on the company, your human resources department may need you to sign a contract, inform managers or co-workers, or follow other guidelines or rules. Don't let a romantic relationship affect the quality and efficiency of your work.

In the worst case scenario, intertwining business and pleasure could result in an unplanned, unwanted job search — people can get fired due to workplace relationships or be forced to resign because of a relationship gone wrong. (Just ask Bill and Melinda Gates, who met on the job.) Given how much time people spend at work, it's not so surprising that people may develop crushes or fall in love.

Bottom line: You don't have to keep your relationship a secret, but you don't want to have it so on display that it makes your colleagues uncomfortable.

Plus, if there is evidence that an office romance is affecting work, one or both of you may be asked to end your romance or, worse yet, find another job.

Your best bet is to avoid dating people with whom you regularly work. No matter how in love you feel, there should be no public displays of affection at work.

Stick to the same professional behavior with your significant other at the workplace that you would have with any other co-worker.

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