I am dating a pothead

All addictions can inflict collateral damage to people around you.

I agree wholeheartedly with Alfreda, any addiction causes a ripple effect. I’m assuming (which I know is dangerous)that at 27 you are looking toward your future together.

Make sure you recognize exactly what it is about the situation that made you uncomfortable.

If it’s in your dreams for the future, would you have children with him?

If he’s sweet, kind and treats you well, I personally don’t see the problem. My experience with people who smoke pot is that they never do much more than they have to. Smart and good job really don’t have much to do with it. My husband didn’t smoke when we met, but began hanging out with an entirely different crowd than our normal friends after our daughter was born.

@skfinkel pot isn’t physically addicting so, yes, people do stop smoking weed. yes I still do it occasionally but I don’t wake up and need to smoke pot. I have a biased opinion too because everyone I’ve known who uses pot.. My husband told me that if I made him choose between smoking pot (5–6 times a day) and me and the children, I could take the children and leave.

She will not be able to change the situation, nor improve it.

And trying to accept it could have emotionally devastating effects.

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