I kissed dating good bye by joshua harris

Listen to the series Veteran high school teacher Daniel Anderson and his daughter, Jacquelyn Anderson Meza, reminisce about Jacquelyn's high school years and the "no dating" policy that ruled their household.Today, both of them are high school teachers, and get a first hand look at the dating practices of teens each d...Listen to the series David Eaton, cofounder of Axis—a non-profit ministry that seeks to help the next generation have lifelong faith by resourcing parents and faith leaders—and Melanie Mudge, director of content and certification at Axis, tell listeners why Christian kids are leaving the faith. Listen to the series Today's youth are bombarded by information, yet they lack the tools to discern and navigate the cultural waters.John Stonestreet believes kids need to rely on their parents to help them distinguish lies from truth, and learn how to think critically. Listen to the series Becoming a teenager is a big transition because so many new experiences are on the horizon.Singles of all ages will find new motivation to readjust their romantic lives in light of God's Word.* Note: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.*What are you building your life on?Three sessions help viewers understand love, purity, and trust from the Bible's perspective.Open,honest,and often humorous, this powerful media package uses drama, on-the-street interviews, personal testimonies, and segments taped before a live audience to explore relationships in Josh's incomparable way.

Parents can help their sons and daughters by pointing them to Scripture to instill a strong gender identity. Listen to the series Joshua Harris, author of the popular book, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," tells how the book forever defined him as a single man.Find out why seeking God is the beginning of it all.Dennis Rainey shares his thoughts on seven decisions you'll never regret....There is only a short window in a student's life to lay a foundation that will last a lifetime.What we know about God shapes the way we think and live.

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