Ical not updating mobileme

But this is a bush-league programming error that Apple ought to fix. Also, Entourage 2004 users: Forget about the holidays. There is no more Christmas, Easter, Lincoln's birthday. i Cal in Leopard had issues converting pasted text to the format used in the file, it would sometimes insert extra returns & corrupt the file.

I am syncing my i Phone from a G4 running 10.4.11; I gather from the comments that it did not get fixed in 10.6. item.108272 Adam Newman The problem is NOT getting it to show up in i Cal. item.108278 Eric Godfrey Gregory Weston wrote: In 10.6.2, I just created an entry for someone with a birthday in November, 1902. But did it show up on the i Phone calendar when you synched it? In Apple's Address Book, everyone's birthday is shifted to this century. The birthdays are not showing up on your calendars and ipods because they haven't happened yet. I haven't checked the Snow Leopard version to see if this has been fixed.

If I created the all-day event in i Cal and did not sync it back with Entourage, it would stay as a one day event everywhere.

Using i Tunes, these programs synced with my i Phone.

My old method of keeping my calendar and address book was to use MS Entourage 2004 which I allowed to sync with i Cal and AB.

Personally, I have now switched back to USB syncing for calendars because of this.

I had to change all my older relatives' birthdays to 2009 circumvent this problem. I found this to be a major problem when I was using Mobileme; randomly, events would not sync one way or another.

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