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She takes in things that Gintoki says as a form of advice, oftentimes in an inappropriate context.

She acts very "unladylike" in terms of the ways she speaks and things such as vomiting or picking her nose.

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In the special episode 1-2 her description says that she has a cute appearance (but also a rather sharp tongue).

Like all Yato her body is well developed with muscle.

Throughout the series it shows that grows a bit, initially being 155 cm height, but then closer to the height of Shinpachi. She wore a two piece outfit that resembled a cheong sam and revealed her midriff, laced with gold.

When she recieves a confession from a boy, Shinpachi remarks that going by just looks she's a beauty.

Kagura can be described as naive to a fault as seen in her introduction where she was tricked by a gang into thinking that she was protecting them when she fought their rival gang.

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