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Dan (Quaid) is the old school, tell-it-like-it-is veteran who wants people to buy his product because they think it's good; Carter (Grace) is the barely out of college corporate drone, who thinks everything's 'awesome' and that people will buy anything if it's packaged properly.

Being lonely has been linked to worse physical and emotional health outcomes and poorer wellbeing.

The movie's most surprising element is its stance against corporate mentality.

That it was made by New Line, a subsidiary of Time Warner, the largest media conglomerate in the world, makes it ironic that the pay-off moment features a man dismissing corporate thinking as bullshit rather than the guy getting the girl.

Conversely relationships can encourage behaviors that are good for us, too (like eating right and exercising).

So it makes sense that studies show having fewer social ties is associated with more heart disease, cancer, and impaired immune function, as well as with worse recovery when it comes to those health problems.

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