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The show also stars a rotation of "squinterns", Dr.

The cases of the week are typically complements for their interactions and growth.

After twenty-five years of believing they put the right man in prison, they find shocking new evidence that points them in a different direction.

Was it a copycat who was trying to silence someone from revealing the truth to Harley?

Rounding out the main cast of the lab are conspiracy theorist Jack Hodgins, the "bugs and slime guy"; hip and snarky Angela Montenegro, the facial reconstruction and crime scene recreation artist; and No Social Skills Zack Addy, a grad student even more socially awkward than the title character. Camille Saroyan, a pathologist who'd been assigned to take charge of the lab.

Tension resulted, naturally, although it's mostly been smoothed over now. Lance Sweets, an FBI psychologist tasked with doing therapy sessions between Bones and Booth as well as profiling some of their suspects.

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