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Therefore, when the spouse who did the burying dies, the other has no idea of the stash.

And when both spouses are gone, or the family, not knowing of a hidden cache on the property moves away, the house with the treasure becomes the property of a new owner.

Most wells were also located behind the homes, so it would be secretive and easy to hide valuables time and time again. Yes I’ve been called crazy for climbing into these old cesspools.

However, they hold a wealth of valuables from old pottery, bottles, buttons, coins, and yes even treasures.

There have been treasures found inside the outhouse, and beneath the wooden thrones.

One individual located an old metal container fastened beneath the throne, held there by a few nails and a metal strip.

Husbands and wives many times never told their spouse that they buried a cache beneath the old oak tree.

Some have followed their hearts and have gone on treasure hunts that have resulted in locating buried treasures both beneath the ground and under the water.

Others have located caches of all sizes inside homes and barns.

Inside the container was hundreds of silver dollars dating from the mid 1800’s.

Think about all of the old abandoned homes you drive by on a weekly basis.

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