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"You are such a great aunt, why don't you have children of your own?

I really want to be an uncle before I'm dead." - T. "Do you know how old you will be when your children graduate?

Which, to my mind, gives the impression that these parents are willing to move far away from the children – or conversely, to move their children away from their other custodial parent.

Either of which, to my mind, seems very problematic.

I’m not talking about the phenomenon, which I have already discussed, of the much-older-man-seeking-much-younger-women, which clearly implies that he is seeking fertility.

No, these are cases where they flat-out say “she must be fertile.” Fertility 101 I don’t see this a lot but enough to think perhaps it needs to be addressed – not just for those few men but also for the thousands of others whose future progeny are dependent on the mysteries of female fertility and yet understand very little about it.

The Grass is Greener Sure, there are some advantages to not having children. But the single women who responded here would take all the challenges that come with marriage and kids in a minute in order to have the love and children they always dreamed of. On Our Own There are more options for single women to become mothers today, but that doesn't mean the choices are simple to make. "You're a woman; it can't be THAT hard to get knocked up." - T. "If you want a baby so bad why don't you just go hook up with a good looking guy and not use birth control?!

While she waits for love, the single woman is questioned about her desire to be a mom.

Others have one or two children and then inexplicably are unable to conceive again.A few months ago I wrote about how I occasionally run across statements in online profiles that baffle me, and thus began a series entitled “Profiles: Things That Make You Go ‘Huh?’” In the first installment, we discussed single parents who indicate that they have children who live with them part-time (presuming they live with their other parent the other part of the time) and yet are willing to live anywhere. You don't need a man to be a good mom, just get pregnant." - M. "You should stay in your (emotionally abusive, jealous and overall toxic) relationship. "Since you're not dating I got you a gift certificate to the sperm bank. "You really don't seem like you'd be too bad of a mother; you should give it a shot." Mean Spirited And then there are the just plain mean and snarky comments. ' (It's not something you expect someone to say right after you just broke up a guy.)" - M. "Maybe if you lost weight you could find a man and have kids." - T.

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