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The welcome page — what most new users will see first — now makes it much easier for people to visually absorb what the site is about.The use of tiled images of a wide range of happy couples as the background seems very fitting.Not too long ago we reviewed Green, an online dating site dedicated to a broad range of green movement enthusiasts.

Final Word on Green Singles It is a great feeling to see an online dating site that stays true to itself while continuously improving.Conservationists, environmentalists, vegans, social justice warriors, spiritualists — it was, and is, a hub for all those who love, appreciate and cherish the planet.Recently, Green Singles undertook a series of changes that have, in our opinion, resulted in great leaps in modernizing the look and functionality of the site.In its previous aesthetic incarnation, its age was clearly noticeable.The new version of the site has taken great leaps in that regard.

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