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Porn movies let the viewer pretend he can do the impossible, in the same way as Star Trek and commercials for patent medicine.It is Known to the State of California that porn causes cancer, though customers disregard this warning, just like the same claim made about drinking water and jogging. Military, when officers who married within the service were surprised that they were rarely getting serviced at all and sought alternative forms of expression.When she eventually breaks his heart, he meets another Chinese woman, 30-year-old Sandy.They become engaged, and she flies to San Francisco to marry him.Steven and Sandy negotiate cross-cultural differences huddled around Google Translate as they try to communicate despite an enormous language barrier.While they attempt to work out the significant bumps in their relationship, filmmaker Debbie Lum finds herself becoming more than an outside observer: Steven and Sandy begin to rely heavily on Lum to bridge the large gap between their two disparate cultures.

Seeking Asian Female is a film about facing and unlearning stereotypes and the judgments that stem from them.

The Japanese would hone this skill to perfection when they brought out the Prius.

Careful study of human anatomy would seem to be natural and wholesome.

The porn watcher risks becoming an adult basement-dweller who spends all his time watching porn, still.

To prevent this, society uses a tangle of movie ratings, broadcast taboos, and laws against exposing children to prurient discussions, unless one happens to be a public-school sex education teacher whose job is to get 5th graders dependent on deodorant, or a high school sex ed teacher whose job is to convince teens that unprotected sex is more dangerous than driving, there's no antidepressant chemicals in their splooge, and that effective contraception was invented by Margaret Sanger in the early 1900's using plastic factories and pills and not Hippocrates 400 years before Jesus with seeds and stones.

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